May 22, 2019 / by TsPhoto

Phase I – Entry-level Learn Exposure Settings and Camera Functions


My Connecticut beginner classes, described as Level I workshops, take about 3 hours. I’ll review the Exposure Triangle  (ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture) with participants and simplify this complicated relationship. I find the majority of newbie SLR/Mirrorless camera owners with manual controls are intimidated by their gear, especially after not seeing the results they expected. My approach to showing you the basic functions and navigating the menus is practical. It’s my goal to have you feel confident in making manual settings adjustments.  Knowledge = power.



This is my popular entry-level to photography class. The perfect solution for learning your DSLR exposure settings and control features. It also works great as a refresher course.  If you just need a quick refresher, purchase (1) class for the $125.00 fee.

There is also the option to “Bundle” both classes and purchase together for $250.00.