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Photography workshop instructor Thom Schoeller on a break to pose for a portrait

Professional nature and landscape photographer Thom Schoeller leads a variety of D-SLR photography workshops near his home base in western Connecticut. Workshops include Level I classes for the beginner, and guided outdoors workshops for any skill level. Thom is the owner of TS Photography Workshops.

Thom’s journey into photography began in the mid-1980s. He put himself through a demanding self-imposed course of study to learn photographic skills and techniques. Years of dedication, practice, a high mechanical aptitude, and intense passion were the means in which he had available to achieve his goals. Furthermore, he took every opportunity to engage with established professional photographers. Subsequently, he gained invaluable knowledge and philosophical insight each time.

Inspired by Legends

He studied the works of legendary landscape photographers. The list including the likes of Galen Rowell, Eliott Porter, David Muench, and many others. Thom soon learned that scores of well-established landscape photographers, incidentally, were completely self-taught like himself. At the top of the heap was the iconic American artist Ansel Adams. This is something that Thom is very proud of. He attaining his skills the hard way, and did so bypassing the so-called system establishments. 

The Concept of TS Photography Classes

Nowadays, Thom has developed his own photography classes and guided workshops. As he describes in his own words “My approach to teaching others is intuitive. I have a unique way of expressing all of my years of photography experience. I’ve combined that into creating my own fun and inspiring TS Photography classes. What took me years to master I’m able to simplify for others and teach you how all the elements of making a great photo are tied together.”

An Excellent Opportunity

As a result, TS Photography Workshops had become a reality nearly a decade ago. This is an excellent opportunity for the aspiring photographer to learn from an accomplished instructor. The convenience of being just over an hour from the New York metro area is priceless.


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Photography Workshops

The first steps to understanding your camera's functions and ability are the most important steps you'll take.

My photography workshops provide the means in which to obtain excellent technical control of your SLR or Mirrorless cameras and applying this knowledge into making better exposures.

$150/per Lesson

Phase I

Teaching You Manual Exposure Controls, Metering Modes and Lots More. Great for Beginners or to Brush Up your skills

$250/Per Lesson

Phase II

Guided Nature Photo Classes – Teaching Advanced Techniques, Composition Tricks and the Art of Photography

$175/per Lesson

Learn a New Technique Workshops

Just Added!  A spin on my Outdoors Level II workshop to teach you new Photography Techniques! All skill levels are welcome, let me help you master a new skill!

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If you have ANY questions about our photography workshops…. the locations, your gear, the requirements, anything that comes to mind. Please just drop me an email and we’ll get right back to you.

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